Regroupement Partage works to advance and develop sustainable food security solutions. With its mission and concrete actions throughout the Montreal region, it contributes to reducing the harmful effects of poverty on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Montrealers.

Regroupement Partage and its three flagship programs

The general idea of Magasin-Partage and Opération Sac à Dos is to be a point of contact in order to provide a trusting relationship with individuals and families in need. By doing so, this brings them into a local support network of organizations with different areas of expertise that can provide more comprehensive help with the many problems associated with poverty. Via a participatory and inclusive approach, these programs empower recipients by directing them to organisations with specialized skills that can help them throughout the year with their specific problems.


The Magasins-Partage de Noël are grocery stores that offer a selection of perishable and non-perishable food items. Each recipient may choose the food that suits them, according to their tastes and needs, in exchange for a symbolic contribution of 10% of the cost of their groceries. The funds raised are reinvested, therefore making it possible to help more people. This contribution also allows recipients to support their community, to not feel like they are begging and gives them a sense of pride.

Opération Sac à Dos enables children from needy families to go back to school with dignity, by starting the year on a more equal footing with their classmates. This program consists of an annual distribution of new and quality backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies. Food is also available for families.

Cultiver l’Espoir is a circular and social economy program of peri-urban organic agriculture. This multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral program, in which unused land in the West Island of Montreal is reclaimed, benefits over 120 000 disadvantaged people. The program Cultiver l’Espoir is the recipient of the 2017 Prix Action David Suzuki award (see video -In French).

The Soirée des célébrités (Celebrity Soiree) is a popular fundraising event that starts with a lively red-carpet show featuring around 30 celebrities. Afterwards, guests enjoy a cocktail reception, followed by a 3-course dinner, with each table being hosted by one of the celebrities, complete with live entertainment, an auction and raffles. Faced with the extraordinary situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Soirée des célébrités has reinvented itself over the past two years by transforming into a virtual fundraising campaign with a unique new show, but without an audience, Au choeur du partage, in 2020, and a virtual fundraiser, the Non Soirée des célébrités, in 2021. La Soirée des célébrités is expected to return to its usual format in the fall of 2022.

Collaborative fieldwork
with all stakeholders

From the 5 neighbourhoods served in the beginning, Regroupement Partage is now present in more than 20 neighbourhoods in Montreal and works in close collaboration with stakeholders from all walks of life, offering more than 40 service points at different times of the year. Through its programs, Regroupement Partage is a vehicle for collaborative fieldwork. Its objective is to involve citizens and the various corporate, institutional and philanthropic partners at the local level, to maximise available resources and to reduce duplication of service, with the aim of always better serving impoverished citizens.

Working closely with its members, Regroupement Partage accompanies and supports them in the deployment of the Magasins-Partage de Noël and the Opération Sac à Dos, and no program is set up without their consultation. Since the pandemic began in 2020, our regular programs have been greatly enhanced and new ones have been set up to minimize the negative impacts of the crisis on the food security of over 250,000 Montrealers.

Regroupement Partage is on the lookout for specific social issues that may arise in the areas in which it operates. This proximity to the population it serves, allows it to have a better knowledge of the environment, to adapt and to offer concrete solutions to best meet the needs of vulnerable families with regards to food security and with the view of taking care of vulnerable individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Regroupement Partage
during the COVID-19 pandemic
resilience, cooperation
and enhanced assistance

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Regroupement Partage has had to be flexible and creative, while increasing its engagement efforts with its financial and operational partners, so as to meet a demand for food aid that has jumped by up to 300% in some neighbourhoods, and also supporting a number of non-member neighbourhood organizations that are facing significant declines in available human, financial and physical resources. In order to limit physical contact due to the new health requirements of the pandemic, the organisation had to revise and adapt the concepts of Magasin-Partage de Noël and Opération Sac à Dos

From May 2020 to April 2021, RP served 250,171 individuals through its 3 programs, a dramatic increase from 2019 when RP served 78,453 individuals.

To meet these new needs, Regroupement Partage modified all its programs and set up new emergency services in just a few weeks and after consultation with all its members:

In total, a value of $1,889,591 was distributed, an increase of $1,135,816 compared to 2019.

The Opération Sac à Dos of 2020 provided 6,629 children with backpacks, school supplies, masks and reusable bottles and for their families to buy groceries in exchange for 10 % of the cost. The distribution took place in 19 neighbourhoods, helping a total of 24,104 people. For 2021, 7,000 children and their families were assisted by Opération Sac à Dos.

As for the share shops Magasins-Partage de Noël, they became an enhanced and expanded winter emergency food aid program, which ran from December to April and supported over 78,000 people in 20 Montreal neighbourhoods. This program was repeated in 2021 in as many neighbourhoods.

RP’s program of peri-urban organic agriculture, which has been feeding up to 210,000 people annually with fresh vegetables since 2015 was also expanded to include the distribution of seasonal baskets for 19 weeks to 300 families in 6 neighbourhoods, helping 228,000 individuals in 2021.

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